It can’t just be me that didn’t like this film right? As a woman, I felt like I was going to watch and fall in love with the story. But I felt like DC half assed it to be honest.

For the first hour and ten minutes there was one teensy bit of action. And she wasn’t even Wonder Woman at that point. So let me get this straight… FOR MORE THAN HALF OF THE FILM, WONDER WOMAN ISN’T WONDER WOMAN! Right, okay then DC. Well done.

Once we were 55% of the way through the film I started to enjoy it. It was nice to see a woman in power and protecting the men. But then it got to defeating the bad guy and it was too predictable. It was never going to be the obvious bad guy, it’s always going to be the subtle good guy. I love DC, don’t get me wrong but I was just disappointed.

Oh and when the guy she gets close with (can’t even remember his name) dies and doesn’t make some massive come back at the end. What’s that even about. I get that’s how reality is or can be but still… She’s been living on an island with loads of women, it’s her time to get some.

I feel like, as I feminist, I should’ve loved it. But… I didn’t. I’ll live.

You know that if you choose to leave, you may never return.

-Queen Hippolyta


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