It’s been an emotional ride so it’s time to talk about the love interests… Past and present!


  • Ian Thomas
  • Wren Kingston
  • Alex Santiago
  • Toby Cavanaugh
  • Jonny Raymond
  • Colin (apparently he doesn’t have a surname which is just rude if you ask me)
  • Caleb Rivers
  • Marco Furey


  • Ezra Fitz
  • Noel Khan
  • Jason DiLaurentis
  • Wesley Fitzgerald (oops Aria…)
  • Jake (Again, not important enough to have a surname)
  • Connor (This is just amusing now)
  • Riley (Seriously Aria…)
  • Andrew Campbell
  • Liam Greene


  • Alison DiLaurentis
  • Ben Coogan
  • Maya St. Germain
  • Paige McCullers
  • Samara Cook
  • Lyndon James
  • Talia Sandoval
  • Sara Harvey
  • Sabrina (I thought she deserves a surname to be honest)


  • Mike Montgomery
  • Sean Ackard
  • Caleb Rivers
  • Wren Kingston
  • Gabriel Holbrook
  • Travis Hobbs
  • Jordan Hobart


  • Emily Fields
  • Beach Hottie (Google says this is Darren Wilden but I thought he was Board Shorts?)
  • Ezra Fitz
  • Ian Thomas
  • Gabriel Holbrook
  • Lorenzo Calderon
  • Elliot Rollins


I can’t lie… My favourite couple of all time is HALEB. I absolutely adore them. I’ve been rooting for them since day one. So happy they ended up married together and Hanna is pregnant! It’s a shame we won’t get to see that progress. I would love it if the actors Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson would just get together already. I know they are close but they aren’t Haleb close.

My least favourite couple was… SPALEB. It was just wrong. Spencer was meant to be with Toby not with Caleb. Enough said on that.

I’m glad Emily finally got to be with Alison in an open and honest way instead of it being kisses behind closed doors. Go EMISON!

I always knew that EZRIA would work through till the end.

Please keep in mind that the names above are people they’ve kissed and dated (or secretly dated) at some part in the show. Most of them didn’t last two minutes but they count all the same.






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