I recently did a massive haul as pay day came and I was stuck in bed… still ill. What else is there to do when you’re bed bound and feeling sorry for yourself? Retail therapy is always the answer. And with online shopping you can do it from the comfort of your own home and you definitely don’t have to deal with any people. It’s great.

So for my first bloggable haul I went onto the Cult Beauty website (I feel like I’m getting better at this blogging lark, look at my fancy link right there!) and I bought the following items. I haven’t had chance to use many of the products that I bought due to being ill in bed. No point wasting make up if no one gets to see it except me.

Just click on the product hyperlink to view the product on the Cult Beauty website. That way you can view the images and see all of the product information. Please ensure that you look at the shade name which I have provided to make sure you are viewing the right product.

  • Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition by Huda Beauty (£56.00). This is such a beautiful palette and if you’ve been reading my posts you might feel like you’ve heard of this before. It was featured in my JUNE WISH LIST 2017 post recently. It’s such a beautiful palette although I’ve not been able to experiment much as of yet. I will definitely be doing a review of this palette when I know more and when I become more familiar with it.
  • Diamond Crushers – Trip by Lime Crime (£15.00). This looked so pretty on the website. I felt like it would make me feel kind of like a mermaid if I wore it and I was totally right. You do need quite a few layers to get the colour or you can use it on top of another liquid lipstick, which I’ve not tried yet but I love it. I won’t be using it all of the time as it’s quite dry but it’ll be good for nights out and gigs. I have tickets to see Machine Gun Kelly in September so I might wear it then.
  • Pro Brush Dual Fibre Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup (£16.00). I bought this because I just bought a new foundation when I went to Swindon (they have an outlet centre there) and I’m sick of using my old grubby brushes. They were cheap brushes and I didn’t feel like they deserved to be cleaned with my brush cleaner as the brush cleaner was more expensive than the brushes. I’ve been meaning to start a brush collection and when I’ve been in boots I liked the feel of them so why not? Kind of looking forward to cleaning this worthy brush with my unopened brush cleaner.
  • Liquid Matte Minis – The Red Edition by Huda Beauty (£33.00). In this lovely little set you get 4 mini liquid lipsticks, I find that I don’t really need the full size ones because the product will either expire or I’ll get bored of it before I can use it all up so these little ones are just perfect. In this little set the shades are as follows: Heartbreaker, Material Girl, Showgirl and Famous. Lovely shades between red and dark burgundy. I put one on today, I forgot what shade but I had it on from 13:00 and it’s still in place now at 21:40 so I definitely recommend this product.
  • Powder Highlighter – Skinny Dip by Jouer Cosmetics (£19.00). This is by far the shiniest highlighter I have ever found and I am absolutely in love with it. There’s not a lot else I can say other than it’s a kind of gold colour which is beautiful. This will be part of my make up essentials.
  • Velve-Tin Mini Velvetines Trio – Blue Rose by Lime Crime (£24.00). Similar to Huda Beauty’s Liquid Matte Minis these are the miniature version of the full sized product. The shades included in this trio are as follows: Cindy, Vibe and Beet It. I swatched them earlier and Vibe is a stunning glittery pink. I have been wanting to buy Lime Crime products for ages but the shipping from their official website was always so expensive as I believe it’s an American brand, so I never got round to ordering anything and then I discovered Cult Beauty and here we are. I finally have Lime Crime products! Looking forward to trying this out.
  • Pro Brush All Over Shadow by NYX Professional Makeup (£9.00). As mentioned earlier in this post it was time to start my brush collection. My eyes are a priority when doing make up so it made sense to buy this brush rather than one I wouldn’t use as often. I used this today, it’s lovely and soft.
  • Pro Brush Fan by NYX Professional Makeup (£14.00). I have the best highlighter in the world, but what is the point if I have no fan brush to apply it? The fan brush makes it a lot easier to get a nice even shine instead of a line across your face, it makes it easier to blend it slightly so that you don’t look like a moron.
  • Soft Kohl Eyeliner – Noir by ZOEVA (£5.50). I needed a new pencil eyeliner as all I have are liquid ones. I don’t like to go dirt cheap, even when it comes to the basics like this but I have loved Cult Beauty’s products so I figured ZOEVA would be a good brand to use and that’s all there is to it.

Any make up recommendations you have, just drop them in the comments below!


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