SayWeCanFly – EXCHANGE (BRISTOL 04/05/2017)

There’s a bit of a back story to this artist so that this post makes sense… SayWeCanFly is one person, it’s not a band. And no, I haven’t accidentally left the spaces out of the name. The man behind the name is Braden Barrie and SayWeCanFly was his Youtube name and when his music career kicked off he decided to keep it. In this post going forward I’ll probably just refer to him as Braden.

I was so so excited to finally get to see Braden live after following his Facebook posts for years. I couldn’t believe he was playing in Bristol.

Down to the show itself… There were two support acts Crilly and Critics. Crilly is a member of a band that did a solo gig and all I can say is… He was absolutely horrendous. He couldn’t sing for toffee, he kept forgetting his songs. It was embarrassing. Luckily the band Critics were a lot better. They lead singer had a really nice voice and it was just a really enjoyable set. My only issue with Critics is that every single song they did sounded like one that was already famous. I understand that you get inspiration from places but this was just ridiculous…

As for the main act, I expected nothing less than outstanding and Braden delivered. He did a couple of songs on stage, then he unplugged his guitar, left the microphone, jumped down off stage and just stood with his fans, played his guitar and sang completely unplugged. It was amazing. He told us stories and we just got to speak to him, everything was so open. I wish more gigs were like this.

I got to meet Braden at the end of the gig which topped my night off perfectly. Such a lovely person. I’m hoping that he’ll come back to Bristol soon so that I can see him again. He has such a beautiful voice. Give SayWeCanFly a listen!


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