It didn’t take me long to realise that this is a new TV show based on Archie, Betty and Veronica. I didn’t really know what to expect as it had been so long since I last watched one of their shows.

I didn’t really know what to expect as my 13 year old brother recommended it to me… He doesn’t even know about the original Archie and all the comic books and stuff.

Now as I was watching this I did enjoy it, much to my surprise but stuff in the show didn’t happen how I wanted it to.

What the hell is Archie doing messing around with his music teacher?!

I wanted Betty to be with Archie but NO he ends up with Veronica. Can’t believe she was okay with the fact her now boyfriend slept with his music teacher. Whatever floats your boat, I guess. And not being funny but on what planet are Betty and Jughead a match?! One part I really enjoyed was when Jughead took the serpents jacket and put it on. I’m excited to see what happens to Betty and Jughead in season 2 because of this.

I did kind of figure out the Jason Blossom mystery though. I said it was going to be one of his parents, although I really wish it wasn’t. But at the same time I was really glad it wasn’t Jughead’s dad.

It’s taken me so long to figure out how to write up a half decent review and unfortunately the only way I can do that and be somewhat happy with what I write is to speak about what happens, and that includes spoilers unfortunately. It’s also taken me so long to find the words to be able to talk about this show. I’ve stared that this blank screen for so many hours and it’s finally come together.

On a sidenote, I feel really bad for Cheryl Blossom but at the same time I can’t stand her.


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