I won’t be doing these posts every month but when it comes to there being 5-10 things that I really want that aren’t exactly cheap then I’ll probably put one of these posts together.

Main reason I’m doing this one is because I’ve been really unwell for the last 5 weeks so I’m feeling slightly sorry for myself, I’ve spent a lot of time online as I’ve pretty much been bed bound so I’ve had lots and lots of time to look at fancy stuff I can’t afford.

I will not be including individual pictures for each item, I will however be including a link so you can have a look for yourselves and you’ve then got all of the product information as well.

  1. Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition BY HUDA BEAUTY (£56.00)
  2. Fairy Wishes Scented Tin BY LILY-FLAME (£8.95)
  3. Poison 101 BY DEMONIA (£96.99)
  4. Grey Bailey Bow II BY UGG (£185.00)
  5. Jaryn Rose Gold-Tone Watch BY MICHAEL KORS (£229.00)
  6. Diamond Crushers (Trip) BY LIME CRIME (£15.00)

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