I am IN LOVE with this mascara and I’m really really annoyed we don’t have a Sephora store in the UK yet!

I was really lucky to have been given this as a present when my cousins came back from America. They know how much I love branded make-up but they also know how obsessed I am with Sephora, so they kindly brought me back something that said Sephora on the side of it.

Time to talk about the actual product… It doesn’t look much more than just a pretty bottle with a tiny brush, but it’s the best mascara I have ever used. The tiny brush gets right to the roots of your lashes to be able to make them as long as possible.

To be honest, it really does make my lashes look really long. I’ve told everyone at work about this mascara and I’ve even taken it in to show them and now I’m doing bulk orders from Sephora to the UK because they all want to try out the products!

I’m really hoping that they bring a store to the UK soon, fingers crossed it won’t be in London. One in Bristol would be ideal.

If anyone is going to America and hasn’t ever tried Sephora cosmetics then I definitely think they’re worth trying out!


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