Three words come to mind after watching this film: WHAT THE HELL?

This is the most messed up film I’ve seen in a long time and on top of that, I’m not even sure I enjoyed watching it. I was confused throughout the majority of the film if I’m honest. However, the ending did clear a lot of that confusion up.

So basically a young lady named Edith lives with her father in America, as her mother died when she was a child. Her mothers ghost had been haunting her through the years telling her to be careful and to avoid Crimson Peak.

One day a gentleman named Sir Thomas met with Edith’s father in a business meeting and this is where Sir Thomas and Edith first made a connection. Edith’s father didn’t like him so he sent him on his way, but that wasn’t going switch off Edith’s feelings for him.

Edith’s father then bribes Sir Thomas, and his sister Lucille who he was in America with so that they leave the country the following day and leave Edith alone.

The following day before Sir Thomas and Lucille are due to leave Edith’s father is brutally murdered. Long story short, Sir Thomas comes back for Edith they get married then move back to his home in England which he shares with Lucille. Which is near a place called Crimson Peak which she didn’t find out about until like half way through the film, and we all know by that point something bad is going to happen.

It turns out that it was all a scam and they basically choose a target and Sir Thomas is left to seduce and marry the girls and once the new bride has signed all of the documents she doesn’t normally have long to live due to being poisoned from day 1 with Lucille’s tea. And the reason she found this out is because previous victims of the scam, which are now dead, are still haunting the house and Edith picked up on the warnings.

It is revealed at the end that it was Lucille that killed Edith’s father and also that she and Sir Thomas were in a romantic relationship. Which made me ask: Are they really siblings or was it just part of the story line for the scam? Now this is what creeped me out… They were in fact siblings. Gross right?!

In an argument Lucille kills Sir Thomas and then whilst trying to escape, Edith kills Lucille. And that is basically how it ends.

I have no idea what to think of this film. Definitely wasn’t what I was expecting…

One thing I did love about this film was that it was based in the 1880’s and the outfits were absolutely outstanding.

Ghosts are real, that much I know. I’ve seen them all my life…

-Edith Cushing


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