I think this is the first time in my life where I’ve not been able to figure out what to write. I always had some kind of inspiration.

This film just took me by surprise and left me speechless. If you want a good chick flick where you can just cry your eyes out, a film based from one of Nicholas Sparks’ novels is ALWAYS choice.

Where do I even begin…

This film was so beautifully made, all the way through everything seemed consistent, it wasn’t ever boring. It’s safe to say I love this film.

If you haven’t yet watched this, stop reading now!

This film follows the story of two couples. An elderly couple (Ruth & Ira) who met each other in the 1940’s and how their relationship had to survive the war amongst other difficulties such as Ruth wanting children and due to a battle injury that Ira sustained when being a soldier in the war, he wasn’t able to give her what she’d dreamed of. Ira wrote Ruth letters throughout the entirety of their relationship. Explained in great detail every good and bad moment of their time together. Memories trapped in time.

When the young couple (Sophia & Luke) are on their first date, they stumble across a broken down car that had caught on fire, behind the wheel was no other than Ira. Luke helped him out of the car, at the time Ira was barely conscious. But he was conscious enough to tell Sophia to pull out a box from the passenger side of the car. In that box were all the letters that Ira ever wrote to Ruth as well as all the pictures they had taken together.

In this beautiful film Sophia visits Ira every day and they spend their time going through all of the letters he had written to Ruth and over time they became very close. He became the person she went to for relationship advice. Luke was a bull rider and Sophia was in her last year of university and planned on working in the art industry. How could it ever work?

Due to injuries that Luke had sustained whilst bull riding he was advised not to ride anymore but he was adamant that it was the only thing for him, until he realised that by ignoring his doctors warnings about his health was pushing the best thing in his life away, Sophia.

It’s a shame that Ira’s death had to be the occasion to bring them back together, but no, not at his funeral but at a private auction selling all of the paintings that Ruth had collected over the years, because like Sophia, she loved art. Ruth had left them to Ira when she’s passed away.

There was one work of art in particular that stood out, it was a portrait of Ruth. No one at the auction had wanted to buy it, except Luke. Because he knew how much it would mean to Sophia. It turns out that Ira left Ruth’s entire art collection to the person that bought Ruth’s portrait.

What did they do with all of the art? They set up a museum called The Ira and Ruth Levinson Art Museum.

And of course, a happy ending… Sophia and Luke end up together. Which made me happy obviously. But I can’t lie, I cried throughout the majority of the film. I would love to hear your thoughts on this film!

Oh and by the way, Luke gave up bull riding. He knew his life wasn’t worth the risk anymore.

I’m always up for recommendations when it comes to films so let me know what you’re favourite film is and I’ll give it a watch and a review!

She had a great eye for talent, but I only had eyes for her.

-Ira Levinson


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