I bought this foundation as it was recommended to me by a friend, she said that this was far better than the MAC one  I was using at that time and as I didn’t have that much left I decided to go with my friends favourite!

I chose the all day luminous weightless foundation instead of the sheer glow foundation as the one I bought lasts around 16 hours and with it having a matte finish, it would have a higher coverage.

I’m afraid that I was extremely disappointed with this product. It was definitely not worth the £32.50 that I paid for it. It was a very runny liquid which is not what you’d expect from Nars. I was hoping it would have a more creamy texture.

The sales assistant in House of Fraser colour matched me and I would always recommend doing this to avoid the orange line around the jaw line. So because of this I know that shade of foundation I have (Mont Blanc) is right for my skin tone however it doesn’t cover all of the reddish blemishes I have.

So overall I guess this product isn’t the right one for me. And that’s something we all have to remember: just because one person loves it and lives by it, it won’t be perfect for everyone. Although I’m not completely satisfied with this product, I will continue to use it until I finish it (mainly because I can’t afford another one) and then I look forward to try the Nars sheer glow foundation. And well, if that one doesn’t work… I’ll be running all the way back to MAC.



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